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I've written a number of articles and interviewed inspirational women for Vagina-Nomics, a magazine that destigmatises female pleasure through art and design. 




"A few years later, Lucy was raped. Just writing that seems invasive, like I’ve betrayed her privacy in some way. This goes to show how little we’ve progressed in removing stigma for survivors of assault. Lucy sought catharsis by writing about her experiences, but found that media discussions of assault seemed to always be on behalf of survivors. Their testament would be heard, then they’d be quietly moved to one side as the accused was put under the spotlight. Lucy explains: “The more people I spoke to who had experienced similar things to me, the more I realised that these are people who have been through so much and are so strong and resilient and I wanted to celebrate that.”
In an act of huge bravery, Lucy decided to put on an exhibition exploring sexual assault by survivors. The Sunlight Project collects paintings, poetry, photography, music and film by different artists, many of whom have experienced assault in some way. Her aim is to ‘comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable".'

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