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Triple Velvet

PeepThat, 2018

A tongue-in-cheek piece commissioned by online retail platform PeepThat on the joys of double denim, triple velvet and suede on suede.


Fashion darling Shrimps has made dressing like a fabulous muppet completely acceptable, so the only rule with faux fur is to accept that strangers will want to stroke you. Animal print, neon colours, OTT patterns - it’s all good.

Of course, as with all fashion the most important thing is confidence. When the curtains match the carpet (outerwear style), you’ve got to have the panache to enjoy the stares, and accept compliments and heckles with the same joyous smile. Yes, you look like a rhinestone cowboy/rainbow muppet/explosion at the silk nightie factory. But you’re bloody well working it.

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