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Trend Consultant and Content Creator, 

During my time at Insider Trends, visitors to the retail innovation website I helped to manage increased by 1300%. I secured interviews with leading retail disruptors for Insider Trends’ blog, including Hussein Chalayan, Stephen Godfroy the Co-President of Rough Trade, Sophie Postma, CEO of recycled bag company Reclaim, and the UK MD of BirchBox.


The spaces are exciting and sensory, without being overwhelming. Did you deliberately set out to create a kind of ‘third space’, and how does that help you as a record store to thrive where others have been failing?

Yes, back in 2006 when planning Rough Trade East, we decided to recalibrate modern expectation of what a record store can be. We wanted to return the record store experience to a place where people hang-out, combining what many purists considered to be conflicting ingredients – independent store sensibility with a big, expansive interior. To successfully achieve this, we looked at our own history, but also researched third-place concepts such as Seattle coffee shops and Victorian Gin Palaces.
As a business, we have the minds, history, authority, artists and customer relations, that all work together to help us differentiate from competitors. So we’re a bit of a freak in some respects, capable of championing the unknown and to take risks where others may fear. 



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