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Let’s Talk About Female Masturbation

G's Spot, 2019

Finger painting. Stroking the kitty. Buttering your muffin. Ménage à moi.

A commissioned pieced exploring the existing taboo around female masturbation for G's Spot, a site devoted to female sexual pleasure and sensuality.




"So where does this gendered prudishness to self-pleasure come *ahem* from? Perhaps, like all good neuroses, it has its origins in the school playground. I remember the boys in my school discussing wanking openly, even getting together for a group session or having a quick bash under the desk (different times, hopefully). The girls, on the other wandering hand, most certainly did not discuss masturbation, thank you very much.


It was such a closed topic that I had literally no idea any other girls had discovered wanking until my late teens when a friend drunkenly broke ranks to tell me she masturbated thinking about Ryan AND Seth from The OC (again, different times)."

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