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Emma Pake

Tone of Voice and Content Creation, 2018

Working with the Emma Pake co-founder to create a tone of voice for the Emma Pake blog. Then writing articles to specification, to populate the website. 


As well as being the home of fashion, cities are often the inspiration for designers. There is no doubt that Emma’s love of one city in particular is infused throughout her creations.

There’s a certain allure to Miami: the year-round sunshine, the statuesque palm trees, the kaleidoscope of neon lights lighting up the night. In Miami, the world seems full of colour.

When you walk down the strip, you can’t help but feel immersed in the history of Miami.The South Beach strip is full of a particular style of Art Deco architecture known as Tropical Deco that’s unique to the city. This playful form of design sprang up in the 1930s and takes inspiration from Miami’s beach surroundings. As well as the usual symmetry and detailed decoration of Art Deco, there are references to coastal flowers, ocean liners and a palette of seaside pastels.


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