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The Surgery: Goldfinger

Washing Line Productions, 2015

Washing Line Productions presents The Surgery, a farce, which knifes the culture of plastic fantastic Notting Hillsters who flash the cash. This immersive performance is staged in a retro furniture store.

Welcome to The Surgery, a place where we mix cutting edge surgical procedures with beautiful contemporary design to create looks to die for. We pride ourselves on setting the gold standard in cosmetic procedures for over twenty years under the watch of world renowned surgeon Dr. Angapalapagos. The Dr cut his teeth at the Chicago Institute for Plastic Surgery, earning a reputation for his creative approach. It was here that he was able to fine tune his inspired vision for creating a bolder, better and more beautiful you. It’s not about changing what you are, it’s about fulfilling the potential of all that you can be.

Why not book a private consultation with Dr Angapalapagos where he will unveil his brand new procedure that is exclusive to The Surgery: The Gold Finger.

Directed by Jennifer Moule

Produced by: Isobel Bruce

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