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Listening to the City//Listening to Ourselves

Content Creation, 2018 consists of a number of sonic-centric projects in the city of Manchester, UK, and beyond, with a focus on the concept "City as Museum /City as Instrument" through sound. Our projects take advantage of Location-based Audio and other Interactive Media and Game-Engine Technologies, combined with our strentgh which is music composition and computer music.

Listening to the City / Listening to Ourselves

1: Snowfall
Years ago, during a cold, dark and beautiful winter’s evening in a suburb of an old European city I did not know, I took shelter in a doorway. Snow began to fall heavily, straight down: a graceful movement through the still cold air. In the glare of the street lights it glittered like a synchronised shower of brightly polished diamonds, as eloquent as a throng of dancers passing through a lonely spotlight. For all this intensity, silence remained, merely heightening the overpowering feast for the eyes. The dark houses, which provided the back drop, looked on, apparently ambivalent.

Listen here

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