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We The Food Snobs

Content Writing, 2017-2018

Writing reviews of new-openings for We The Food Snobs, a restaurant review site. 


The China Ghost is a reminder that life is beautiful and fleeting, as are we. We must grab hold of transient moments and live in the here-and-now. Life is indeed, an ethereal kiss…’

The waiter at The Courtesan just cracked my soul in half, and we’re only ordering drinks.

This quirky dim sum restaurant by Brixton Market is as full of stories as a concubine’s boudoir. Every cocktail has an intriguing blurb. ‘So beautiful, fish forget to swim’ is a particular favourite, inspired by ancient muse Xi Shi and delivering a pleasing goldfish bowl of rum and citrus liqueur, with orange peel swimming in it.

While the stories are enticing, the cocktails are bold enough to speak for themselves. Heady, exotic flavours mix together in a beautifully subtle way; the China Ghost and eponymous Courtesan were our favourites. As well as being inspired by women, the wine and spirit list is intrinsically female, offering alcohols produced or grown exclusively by women.

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